Save Max B Campaign

On Sept. 3, 2009 Max B was sentenced t0 75 years in prison for his involvement in a botched robbery that left one man dead. However, the "wavy" one is planning to appeal his conviction. Max B's mother is reaching out to the fans and hoping that their support for the rapper will help them in the court system. She has set up a donation on MySpace and fans have a massive weight placed on their shoulders as they have been asked to support Max B financially during this time. Here's the message that was posted:
Dear Max B Fans,
We have been given a second chance to get Max B a new trial. Judge Carroll, the presiding judge over Max B's case, has given us 22 days to retain a new legal counsel for a new trial. The 75 years sentence will be set aside. If you want to Seriously Free Max B now is your chance to show your love & support. We are urgently asking all Max B fans to show your support by sending dollars to his Legal Defense Fund. If you are unable to send a donation at this time, we are asking that you kindly forward this message to all of your friends on MySpace. Let's spread the word & really Free Max B.
Thanks, Miss Sharon Wingate & Family."

Another message reads '$1 per fan will get me out of jail

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