HOT WHEELS: Sampsdesign Leo Motorcycle

Could you be looking at the future of motorcycles? Possibly. The Leo motorcycle is the brainchild of Sampdesign and is designed for comfortable rides during longer trips. The concept is equipped with an electric motor providing 10KW DC (direct current), and controlled by an acceleration progressive system, maximizing performance and autonomy. Its range is 200km from lithium ion-polymer batteries that recharge in 30 minutes from a standard AC110/220 outlet. Leo has tires devoid of air, made of high-performance polyurethane that makes the rubber adjust to road conditions, whether dry or wet. Its fairing plastic is light sensitive and can change color and become luminescent for self-defense in poorly lit areas. The enclosed cockpit of protective fairing promotes high aerodynamic performance as well as protection for rainy days. Ow!

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