$9-million Aston Martin Super Limited Edition

Ever wonder what a $9-million car looks like? Well, you're looking at it. The Aston Martin Super Sport Limited Edition supercar, which will sell for a whopping $9,668,750 (US). Only eight models of the supercar will be developed and produced in cooperation with Star Electric Cars France.
The sports car will get its power from a twin-turbocharged 5.4-liter V8 engine delivering up to 950bhp. The engine has been mated to a six-speed manual transaxle, which is synced with an integral, torque-sensing, helical limited-slip differential. An F1 paddle shift gearbox is available as an option. The Aston Martin Super Sport Limited Edition will come with powder coated exhaust system, Brembo or AP carbon ceramic brakes and the in-trend carbon fiber bodywork.
The luxurious interior flaunts leather, Alcantara, carbon fiber, Recaro seats and the sat nav system with an integrated iPod connection. Each of the eight cars will have a different color scheme, and yes, the sky blue is available immediately. All you need now is a cool $9-milli.

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