EYE CANDY: Tahiry (in XXL magazine)

Joe Buddens' ex graces the pages of XXL looking as fine as ever. She talks about her relationship with Joe and how she felt about him dating video chick Esther Baxter. According to Tahiry, she couldn't care less. “I have no feelings. Funny thing is, I worked with her when me and Joey just broke up. We went to Baton Rouge for the screening of the movie Meagan Good did, "Video Girl". That was, like, nine months ago, and now they supposedly been together for a couple months. I don’t really care. He could date Lady Gaga, and I’d give him a high five." That's not all though, regular dudes rejoice. Tahiry says she has no plans to date another rapper and will try to stay busy working on her calendar, website and t-shirt line.
XXL also asked Tahiry how she plans to stay relevant when so many ‘models’ disappear after only a few years in the game. She said you have to have‘ a good engine behind you and people that believe in you.’ Hmmm I don't she's got an engine alright. LoL.

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