A Dollar and a Dream Track Listing + Cover

Harvey Stripes is set to release his much-anticipated debut solo project, “A Dollar and a Dream”, on July 18, 2011, after dropping the hit singles “Come On” featuring Lloyd, “Must Be the Money” with Captain Hooks, and the wordplay-heavy “Ding Dang Dong”.
Ahead of the release, Harvey reveals its track listing, which is packed with guest appearances from urban music heavyweights such as French Montana, Lloyd and Mario as well as Canadian sensations A-Game, JRDN, Mayhem Morearty, Lokz and Captain Hooks. Meanwhile, Harvey’s in-house beat smith, Beat Merchant, produced the majority of “A Dollar and a Dream”, with contributions from Mark James, Bass Line, Arthur McArthur and Pro Logic.
The recording will be available for download starting July 18 on Harvey’s website (, Harvey’s official blog ( and many other online media outlets. In the meantime, take a closer look at the tracks that you’ll hear on “A Dollar and a Dream.”


1. Talk To Em (Prod. By Beat Merchant)
2. P.A.I.D. Pt II ft. French Montana (Prod. By Beat Merchant)
3. Come On ft. Lloyd (Prod. By Beat Merchant)
4. Must Be The Money ft. Captain Hooks (Prod. By Beat Merchant)
5. Sobriety ft. Mario (Prod. By Beat Merchant & Mark James)
6. A Rock & A Hard Place ft. JRDN (Prod. By Bass Line)
7. Ding Dang Dong (Prod. By Beat Merchant)
8. Rockstar Lifestyle ft. A-Game (Prod. By Beat Merchant & Mark James)
9. No Budget (Prod. By Beat Merchant)
10. Pluto ft. JC & Mayhem Morearty (Prod. By Arthur McArthur)
11. #TTYN (Talk To You Never) ft. Lokz (Prod. By Beat Merchant)
12. Letting Go (Prod. By Pro Logic)

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