Shelby Supercars 2012 Next Generation

In 2007 Shelby Supercars (SSC) released the Aero. At the time, it the fastest car to be allowed on streets, featuring a stunning 1250 horsepower and going over 250 mph. For 2012 Shelby presents their ‘Next-Generation’ supercar, beating its own records.
The new model features a 1350 horsepower engine, going up to 275 mph. The design is both modern, innovative and classic in its inspiration and approach.
According to the company: The supercar’s overall form, which beautifully balances soft, sensual yet tight volumes, takes its inspiration from prototype race cars’ mechanical layout and proportions, and the innovative spirit of the American aerospace industry. The teardrop-shaped canopy suspended atop the fuselage-like body and vertical, stabilizing fins at the rear reflect the jet fighter influence.

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