Harvey Stripes ft. Mario: Sobriety

While Harvey Stripes prepares for the release of the upcoming project, “A Penny and a Nightmare”, he drops a final single from last summer’s “A Dollar and a Dream.”
Titled “Sobriety” and featuring R&B crooner Mario on the hook, the track is one of Harvey’s most introspective to date. While many rap records boast about the fun effects of alcohol, Harvey bares his soul as he tackles the true reasons behind popping bottles.
Over a Beat Merchant/Mark James beat, Harvey confesses, among other things, “At the nightclub, a hundred strong. Pop a hundred bottles, my money long. Intoxicated to escape my reality. All that sober talk dead, no casualties. One shot, tryin’ to fight the pain. Two shots for a brighter day.”
A video for “Sobriety” is set for a June release.

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