Harvey Stripes' Sobriety Video

It’s no coincidence that rapper Harvey Stripes’ most introspective song to date has produced his most candid visual yet. Directed by Seif Ali and Ty Black, the video for “Sobriety” (featuring Mario) is a compilation of documented moments from the past year of Harvey’s life.

With Harvey watching the last 12 months on the big screen, viewers get an imitate look at the highs and lows of life on the road, an unofficial introduction to Harvey’s DNDMG crew, the wild club nights and other aspects of the spotlight’s glare that contribute to the track’s concept. As Harvey explains on “Sobriety” (produced by Beat Merchant and Mark James), behind fame’s glamorous moments are underlying reasons for reaching the bottom of those bottles.

The video for “Sobriety” marks the final push of last summer’s “A Dollar and a Dream” and paves the way for Harvey’s upcoming release, “A Penny and a Nightmare”.

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