Harvey Stripes ft. Juicy J - Dolly on that Molly video

Harvey Stripes’ visual for “Dolly on that Molly”, featuring Academy Award winner and Taylor Gang member Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia, literally brings the trippy feeling to the small screen.

The track, which was produced by Daniel Worthy, gets the Cazhhmere treatment, with additional footage from Ty Black of DND Films. “Dolly on that Molly” was shot in Niagara Falls, where a seedy hotel party with all the usual suspects (including Juicy J as well as Captain Hooks, Tyson Ty and the rest of DNDMG) gets out of hand. Think plenty of bottles, red cups, beautiful “dollies”, and even plastic blow-up toys. Trippy.

“Dolly on that Molly” is the first single from Harvey Stripes’ upcoming project, “A Penny and a Nightmare”, dropping January 2013.

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