Harvey Stripes: Lord As My Witness

Fast cars, stretched rubber bands, beautiful women, a steady diet of Grey Goose, the finest kush, and his DNDMG family are all parts of Harvey Stripes’ life. Now, thanks to the visual for the rapper’s latest release, “Lord As My Witness”, a typical day in the life of the DNDMG family is coming to the small screen. Directed by Zac Facts of Independent Muscle and starring Erica Mena of VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop”, “Lord As My Witness” takes viewers along for the ride as Harvey goes from making and counting money to spending it. The song features Tyson Ty and boasts intoxicating, Middle Eastern-inspired production by Beat Merchant.

Harvey’s forth-coming album, “A Penny and a Nightmare”, is set for release in late spring. It is a follow up to 2012’s “A Dollar and a Dream.”

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