The Vencer Sarthe MY 2015 6.3L V8 Boasts 600bhp

From Dutch automaker Vencer comes the Sarthe MY 2015 supercar, which boasts a 6.3L V8 supercharged engine that has 622bhp and 838Nm of torque. The tight wrapping bodywork and the fluid shape maximize the aerodynamics from its short bonnet to its long tail. 

A minimalist interior focuses on driving essentials: close-fitting cockpit fitted with a carbon fiber dashboard and a central information system that is an easy to use multitasking display. The two-tone leather interior with Alcantara comes as a standard. 

Performance wise, the Sarthe MY 2015 features open air-flow C-pillars, front spitters and a rear spoiler, which provides improved aerodynamics and additional down force on the rear axle. The deeply mounted V8 engine also helps ensure a lower center of gravity and high acceleration.

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