Harvey Stripes: Arrogant

Bragging has always been an essential part of hip-hop — and Harvey Stripes’ latest single, “Arrogant”, embodies just that.

Over a beat by Dunlap, Harvey showcases his versatility as a rapper by offering up a choppy sounding flow that works seamlessly with the production. Through witty metaphors and jabs, Harvey arrogantly paints a picture of his jet-setting, beautiful women getting, exotic car driving, and jewelry sporting lifestyle.

The release is Harvey’s first single since he wrapped promo for his August 2013 mixtape “A Dollar and a Nightmare”, which spawned singles such as “Bought a Boat” featuring Jadakiss and “Dolly on that Molly” with Juicy J.  

The video for “Arrogant” is set for release next week.

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