Louis Vuitton Escale Worldtime Minute Repeater

Louis Vuitton marks its move into high-end watchmaking with the Escale Worldtime Minute Repeater, a colorful timepiece boasting timezone functions. 

The hand-painted dial elements features no less than 38 different colors. The piece can display multiple timezones at once, with each painted pictograph representing a different timezone along with 24 different city abbreviations. 

The face of the watch features three discs, all of which can be adjusted by a single crown. The outermost discs include 24 cities, and by simply aligning the “V” on the crown, you can set your home time as well as locking in the timezone. By moving your destination city to the top of the dial, you can adjust the timezone with a push of the crown, while the minute repeater will sound the time in your home city. 

The three-disc design allows you to easily read the time in any city, with the hour disc and world timer moving in sync. The complex design is highlighted by relative lightness, clocking in at 44mm in diameter and only 11.7mm in thickness.

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