Range Rover Sentinel

If you have about $445,800 USD to spare, you can be the proud owner of the first armoured Range Rover. The Range Rover Sentinel has gotten a VR8 level certified revamp under the carmaker's "Special Operations Division", which means that it can “withstand 7.62mm high-velocity, armor piercing incendiary bullets,” while also boasting lateral protection against 15 kg TNT explosions and defense against DM51 grenades from above or below the car. 

The interior has all the luxury features that can be found on the standard model — with a more functional twist. A custom six-piece armored passenger cell constructed from high-strength steel and multi-laminated armor privacy glass provide protection. And, if you do find yourself in danger where the doors are all blocked, an emergency escape system behind the rear seats allows for a swift exit. 

With all this extra armor the SUV has packed on some weight but thanks to a reworked suspension and heavy-duty, fire-suppressed tires the performance has not really been affected. 

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