2016 Mercedes-Benz SL

Mercedes-Benz’s SL sixth-generation model gets a significant structural and performance upgrade for 2016 with a new aggressive exterior design. Think updated hood, bumper and rear, that goes with a diamond grille and powerful headlights. 

Under the hood, meanwhile, you're looking at a 362 horsepower V6 and 449 horsepower V8 engines for the entry-level SL450 model and the SL550 model, respectively. Extra power in the form of V12 engines will be found for the SL63 and SL65 AMG models. 

The latest design will also mark the first time the SL has been produced entirely from aluminum, which has resulted in a weight reduction of around 140 kilograms. Additional new features include a new 9-speed transmission, Active Body Control system, and an improved vario-roof. 

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