#TBT: Dolly on that Molly

During the summer of 2012, Harvey teamed up with the legendary Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia for a collaboration called "Dolly on that Molly". The song came with a controversial video that was banned from Canada's music channel MuchMusic. The station, dedicated to music-related programs, pop and youth culture, cited overall adult tone and glamorization of drug use as the reasons it would not air “Dolly on that Molly.” The video, which was directed by Cazhhmere, with additional footage from Ty Black of DND Films, includes flashing images of a motel party along with alcohol drinking and kissing women. 

“I’ll always have love for MuchMusic. They have always supported me and have helped to propel my career to where it is now,” Stripes responded to news of the ban, before adding, “More videos to come.”

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