Layla Hendryx Makes Tidal Playlist

DNDMG artist Layla Hendryx recently made Tidal's Rappers Under 25 We're Listening to List. "When looking at a specific age range within one profession it’s always interesting to see how wide the range is in regards to career progression. Hip hop is no different, which is reflected in the playlist we put together of some rappers under the age of 25 that are being played in our offices. Some have just started getting a buzz and haven’t put out a full length project. Some have been rapping for years, released multiple albums, and are headlining festivals. Regardless of what point in their development they are, they add an overall incredible level of health and vitality to the incredible genre. So take a listen to some of the young talent that has been catching our ears," said the website. 

Layla made it onto the list with her song, "B.T.W." 

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